City of Taylor Liquor License

Liquor License

Section 3.18 of the Taylor City Code requires any person or business selling alcoholic beverages to have a City permit issued by the City Clerk. This permit is renewable every 2 years and the fee is half the state license fee as authorized by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (TABC) Section 11.38.
For more information on TABC rules and regulations, visit the TABC website.

Before the City Clerk's office can sign off on a TABC application, all required inspections and Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained from the Development Services department.  Please contact Development Services at 512/309-6183. 

​Outdoor Business Area Permit 

Ordinance 2018-09 allows possession of open containers or the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Central Business District.  A business in the Central Business District holding an alcoholic beverage permit from TABC and the City of Taylor who wishes to allow its patrons to consume an alcoholic beverage purchased from the business in an open container in an outdoor area located in a public right of way used under the direct control and supervision of the business, shall submit an Outdoor Business Area Permit Application to the City Clerk's office.