Officer Complaints

How to Report an Officer

Because of the solitary nature of police work and also because we must have the trust of the citizens that have empowered us to uphold the law, police departments should actively encourage citizens that believe they have been racially profiled or witnessed other police misconduct to complain and complain immediately! Police work MUST be a profession of integrity and the equal treatment of all persons. The Taylor Police Department strongly encourages anyone who believes they have been profiled or if they have observed police misconduct to come forward and report what they perceive.

Any police employee is trained and equipped to receive citizen complaints. We would prefer that the complaint be made to a supervisor on duty, but this is not required.

Officer complaints are investigated by either a first line supervisor or specially assigned Internal Affairs officers, depending on the nature of the complaint.

In a civil service police agency, the chief of police must serve as a judge regarding alleged police misconduct. As such, he must remain impartial to all parties and only review the facts of an investigation after a thorough investigation has been completed. Because of this, he is not at liberty to meet with complaining parties. Additionally, by law only complaints in writing may be accepted.

In complaints that warrant an Internal Affairs investigation, the assigned investigator will serve as the single point of contact for all parties.

Once the investigation is completed, the chief of police will review all facts and findings and make a final determination as best as possible to what apparently occurred, whether or not officers were justified in their actions and what, if any department policies were violated.
All complainants will be notified in writing of these findings.
We will also receive anonymous complaints. Be forewarned however, Texas Law (Texas Government Code Chapter 142) prohibits us from taking disciplinary action against a police officer unless a complaint has been presented to the officer in writing and signed. Of course, if from an anonymous complaint and subsequent investigation we are able to develop enough information to substantiate a complaint, Taylor Police administration can become the complainant.
All complaints are taken very seriously and are investigated. Racial Profiling complaints are given very high priority and are investigated immediately.  Please contact us at 512-352-5551 ext. 0 with any concerns.

Racial profiling is illegal and will not be tolerated!

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