Animal Services

About Taylor Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit of the Taylor Police Department is currently allotted 1.5 animal control agents. When fully staffed, these animal control agents respond to calls for animal services seven days a week, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are also tasked with maintaining our animal shelter, working to seek adoptions of housed animal and in solving animal related problems in our community.

Under certain circumstances, Taylor Animal Control can provide and service animal traps to assist in resolving animal related issues. If you believe your problem may be solved by having a trap placed in your yard, please contact Animal Control at (512) 352-5552.

General Information

Animal Noise
If you are being disturbed by animal noise, please phone the Taylor Police Department at (512) 352-5552 or submit a request through Accela. A police officer will respond, document the problem and will assist you in attempting to solve the problem. 

Animals in Yard
Animals kept in a yard must be provided with sufficient shelter, water and food. The area must be kept clean and free from odors that might bother another. Animals may be restrained under certain conditions, but only under conditions that comply with State law.

A small number of chickens may be kept by permit. Roosters are prohibited. For all requirements, please consult the Animal Control Ordinance.

While livestock may be kept in the city limits, certain restrictions do apply. Please consult zoning and our animal control ordinance to ensure you are in compliance. The keeping of swine (with the exception of pot belly pigs) is prohibited.

Number of Animals
No more than a total of four adult dogs and/or cats may be maintained at a residence in the City of Taylor.
  1. Animal Shelter

  2. Sandy Perio

    Animal Control Supervisor