Displays & Distribution of Materials Policy

Taylor Public Library

Displays and Distribution of Materials Policy

Approved by Library Board: May 17, 2011
Approved by City Council: May 26, 2001

Principles and Objectives:

The mission of the Taylor Public Library is to promote a lifelong love of reading and to provide educational, informational, and recreational resources to patrons of all ages, cultural and economic backgrounds.  (Approved by the Library Board 2-18-97)

Available Space

The Taylor Public Library has limited space for exhibits, displays or handouts.  The following conditions apply to all displays, signs, handouts, brochures or other such materials:

  1. Bulletin boards in the Library are only for library staff use to promote Library events, services, literature, reading, etc.
  2. No signs or materials will be hung on library walls whatsoever.
  3. Signs posted in Library windows or front glass doors will only related to necessary library information, closures, notices of special meetings, emergency information, or other information deemed appropriate by the Library Director. 
  4. Handbills, brochures, pamphlets and other informational materials will be placed in designated locations only. 
  5. It is not the responsibility of the Library to provide sign holders, special racks or easels for outside groups who wish to display literature.  Neither is it the responsibility of the Library to return any materials or sign holders, easels, racks, etc., to outside organizations or groups.
  6. The Library Director is responsible for approving all displays or materials & handouts to be distributed.  Unapproved materials will be removed and discarded.

Allowable Distribution

The Taylor Public Library will not provide space for handout materials or notices promoting religious doctrines or partisan political material, petitions or commercial advertising, sales or services, business promotion, fundraisers and other materials as determined by the Library Director.

The Library will make space for distribution of literature in the following order of priority:

  1. Library programming, services and information have highest priority. Preference will be given to library activities, programming, services, etc., in terms of space, prominence, and other points of arrangement.  This includes materials from the Library’s support groups, the Friends of the Taylor Public Library and the Taylor Library Foundation, from the Texas State Library & Archives Commission and other library or literacy agencies & organizations as determined by the Library Director.
  2. Government entities such as the City of Taylor have next priority as to space for distribution of literature and display of programs & events.  This includes any department of the City of Taylor, or sponsored boards or initiatives.  Also included are any county, state or federal materials for distribution or publicity.
  3. Informational materials that assist the Library in provision of services will be available at the discretion of the Library Director.
  4. Any other materials approved for distribution or display will be determined by the Library Director.

Exhibits in the Taylor Public Library

The Library display cases are dedicated for promotion of library materials, services, events, literacy or other informational or cultural themes. As needed, the Library Director shall determine if temporary displays from other groups or agencies meet these same objectives. Displays set up in other locations of the Library must be approved by the Library Director.  The Library assumes no legal or financial responsibility for loss or damage to items loaned for display or exhibit.