Economic Development 


The City of Taylor - Lodging, Restaurants, Retail, Subdivisions

The City of Taylor has worked to create an environment where businesses know that they are welcome here. We have streamlined our plan review, permitting and inspections processes and have a progressive City Council that understands and encourages the city's need to partner with developers.

We have also recently completed a retail study with The Retail Coach, LLC, establishing our retail trade area (with a population of over 61,000), retail gap analysis, psychographics and other information to assist you in choosing Taylor.

Download the Retail Gap Analysis and Trade Area Report.


The Taylor Economic Development Corporation is the primary contact for developers and/or businesses seeking to select sites for lodging, restaurants, retail and subdivisions. City Manager Isaac Turner, Assistant City Manager Noel Bernal, and Director of Planning and Development Ashley Lumpkin are also available to assist with planning and developing the future of Taylor with your business or development project.

The City of Taylor, in partnership with the Taylor Economic Development Corporation and the Taylor Chamber of Commerce, offers varying incentive packages to encourage businesses to locate in Taylor. If offered, these packages can include cash grants, land grants, forgivable loans, property tax rebates and/or sales tax rebates, TIF grants and downtown rental assistance. The City will also consider partnering with businesses on asbestos abatement.

Retail developers continue to look to Taylor for new growth and the outlook is encouraging as new businesses continue to scout the area looking for promising locations. Recent new businesses include a variety of retail and food chains, banking, as well as several new family owned restaurants.

Starting a New Business?

The City offers a variety of incentives to new businesses and existing businesses in the Downtown area; for more information regarding our economic incentives refer to City Ordinance 2010-38 and also the Main Street Program for possible grant assistance for businesses located in the Historic Downtown area.

Please contact City Manager Isaac Turner at 512-352-3677 with any questions or to learn how the City of Taylor will partner with you to make locating your business in Taylor your best choice.

Industrial Prospects

The Taylor Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) is a Type A corporation, able to assist with economic development projects that provide primary jobs. These types of projects are normally industrial. The Taylor EDC offers land grants, forgivable loans and other great incentives. Please visit their website or contact the EDC at 512-352-4321 for more information.

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  1. Isaac Turner

    City Manager
    Phone: 512-352-3677

  2. Noel Bernal

    Assistant City Manager
    Phone: 512-352-6475

  3. Deby Lannen

    Main Street Manager
    Phone: 512-352-3463

  4. Ashley Lumpkin, AICP

    Director of Development Services