Taylor 101

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                             City Service Starts with 101
Taylor 101 is designed to introduce residents to the structure, function, and purpose of city government. 
2015 Class

The City of Taylor is offering residents a great opportunity to learn. The 10 week 2015 Spring program begins January 27, 2015 and provides an in-depth look at how our city operates.

Taylor 101 will allow citizens to familiarize themselves with the structure, function and purpose of city government. It will better equip and encourage residents to assume leadership roles within the community. The curriculum includes presentations by city department heads and field trips to several sites such as fire and police department buildings and the Taylor Animal Shelter.

Enrollment is limited. Applications for the Spring 2015 class will be accepted no later than January 20, 2015.

Admission Requirements
Eligible candidates must:

  • Currently reside within Taylor city limits (this does not include the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction)
  • Have resided in Taylor at least one year and at least 18 years of age (under 18 must provide approval/signature of parent or guardian)
  • Be a registered voter
  • Not be currently holding or running for elected official
  • Be willing to commit to attendance of 10-week session and two tours



 Click Here for Application:  Taylor 101 Application