Citation Options

Ways To Handle Your Citation:  

Fines and court costs

You may request one of the following options:

  • Driving Safety Course 
  • Deferred Disposition
  • Payment Plan 
  • 30-Day Extension
  • Pay your citation in full
  • Trial Procedure

 Some options may not apply depending on the charge.

Driving Safety Course

To request the Driving Safety Course, you may either mail in you request via certified mail with return receipt requested or come in the Court in person. You will need to provide a copy of your valid Texas driver's license, a copy of your insurance with you listed as a driver, and a payment of $129.10 (no personal checks). If you mail in your request you also need to fill out part A, B and C on your citation.                           

Deferred Disposition

To request deferred disposition, you must appear on your court date. This request must be made with the Prosecutor. After taking a plea of Guilty or No Contest, the court sets the fine and defers disposition of the case to allow the defendant to complete the terms set by the Judge. At the end of the deferral period, the court enters a final disposition. For more information, contact the Municipal Court.

Request a Payment Plan

For payment arrangements, you must come in person on or before your court date. You will need to fill out an Application of Income and have a 3rd of your total amount owed as a down payment. For more information, contact the Municipal Court.  

30 Day Extension

To request a 30 day extension, you can come in person to the Court. If you would like to request by mail or email, a plea form AND extension form need to be completed and submitted to the Court on or before your court date.

Plea Options

No Contest - You are not stating you are Guilty but you are not contesting the charge(s) and you are taking responsibility for them.

Guilty - You are stating that you committed the crime.

Not Guilty - You are contesting the charge(s) in your case and the State must prove the charges against you. You will be given the opportunity to request either a bench trial or a jury trial. Your case will then be reset to the nearest trial date.

Plea Form - English

Plea Form - Spanish