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May 27, 2008, 6:00 P.M.





(The City Council welcomes public comments on items not listed on the agenda.  However, the Council cannot respond to matters not listed until posted on a future meeting agenda.)



(The Consent Agenda includes non-controversial and routine items that the Council may act on with one single vote. The Mayor or a Council member may pull any item from the Consent Agenda to discuss and act upon it individually as part of the Regular agenda.)

1.      Minutes for May 8, 2008 and May 15, 20008.  (Susan Brock)

2.      Concur with financials for April, 2008. (Rosemarie Dennis)

3.      Ordinance 2008-15 increase ATMOS Franchise Fee.  (Jim Dunaway)




4.      Administer Oath of Office to Council Member At Large, Rodney Hortenstine.  (Susan Brock)

5.      Consider Work Authorization No. 3 with KSA Engineers for the design of water and wastewater facilities to the East Williamson County Higher Education Center (EWCHEC) and for plan review for the EWCHEC Campus. (Jim Dunaway)

6.      Consider request from the Blackshear/O.L. Price Ex-Student Association to reserve Robinson Park on June 13–15, 2008.  (Jim Dunaway)

7.      Consider and review plans presented by Taylor Garden Club for gazebo at Murphy Park. (Danny Thomas)

8.      Consider City support for downtown Christmas decorations.  (Jean Johnson)

9.      Consider awarding bid for sale of City property adjacent to Hidalgo Park described as two acres located on Welch Street.  (Bob van Til)

10.  Consider Developer’s Agreement to participate with Lockhart Building Systems, Inc. to oversize a water line to property located on the south side of West U. S. Highway 79.  (John Elsden)

11.  Consider request from Anthony Gore regarding an increase in fees for cemetery services.  (Danny Thomas)

12.  Consider entry fees for Murphy and Robinson pools.  (Bob van Til)

13.  Consider introducing Ordinance 2008-16 amending the Fee Ordinance to increase fees for burial services at the Taylor City Cemetery and pool fees.  (Rosemarie Dennis, Danny Thomas)

14.  Consider revising Personnel Policy Manual regarding the Safety Policy.  (Lisa Thompson)

15.  Consider Revisions to Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and Professional Services Agreement with Sledge Engineering, L.L.C., for CIP projects including:  Murphy Dam Repairs, Safe Routes to Schools Sidewalk Program, Dickey Street Drainage Project, Phase II and the creation of a formal engineering manual for the City of Taylor.  (Jim Dunaway)

16.  Consider Economic Development Grant agreement with TCAT Foundation for construction of the East Williamson County Higher Education Center (EWCHEC). (Frank Salvato)

17.  Consider Interlocal Agreement with Williamson County for providing aerial photography (pictometry) for the City of Taylor.  (John Elsden)

18.  Consider request from Police Department to use donated funds for National Night Out activities.  (Chief Straub)

19.  Consider appointments to the Parks and Recreation Board. (Mayor; Danny Thomas)

20.  Elect a Mayor. (City Attorney, Ted Hejl)

21.  Elect a Mayor Pro Tem. (City Attorney, Ted Hejl)

22.  Executive Session.  The Taylor City Council will conduct a closed executive meeting pursuant to the provisions of the Open Meetings Law, Chapter 551, Government Code, in accordance with the authority contained in Section 551.087 to discuss or deliberate regarding commercial and/or financial information on a business prospect that the City of Taylor, Texas, seeks to have locate, stay, or             expand in or near the City of Taylor, Texas, and with which the City of Taylor, Texas, is conducting economic development negotiations and/or deliberate the offer of financial or other incentives to the business prospect.

23.  Consider action from Executive Session.

24.  Executive Session.  The Taylor City Council will conduct a closed executive meeting under Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code in order to meet with it’s City Attorney on a matter in which the duty of the Attorney to the governmental body under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas authorize and allow such a closed meeting and which Rules conflict with the Texas Open Meetings Act.  

25.  Consider action from Executive Session.



The Council may vote and/or act upon each of the items listed in this Agenda.  The Council reserves the right to retire into executive session concerning any of the items listed on this Agenda, whenever it is considered necessary and legally justified under the Open Meetings Act.  I certify that the notice of meeting was posted in the Taylor City Hall Lobby before 6:00 pm on May 23, 2008 and remained posted for at least 72 continuous hours before the scheduled time of said meeting.  I further certify that the following news media was notified of this meeting:  Taylor Daily Press.



Susan Brock, City Clerk