Posted on: March 15, 2017

Taylor Growth Summit Recap

growth summit

    In early March, the City held a Growth Summit with the intended goal of bringing together community members to share ideas on how Taylor’s future growth should take place and what it should look like. The event, attended by more than 140 people, included a panel of distinguished representatives who helped to guide the discussion and speak on best practices for cities who have gone through significant growth.

    One of the main goals of the summit was to solicit feedback from the community on different topics which included Residential Design Standards, Commercial Design Standards, Parks and Recreation, Transportation and Connectivity, Corridors, and lastly, Special Districts. All participants were facilitated through breakout sessions to deliver their thoughts and ideas about each of the topics, which were then voted upon and ranked in order of priority. The full listing of results will be available in the coming months.

     The preliminary results were as follows:

Residential Design Standards:

  • Mixture of Lot Sizes
  • Attracting and incentivizing master-planned subdivisions
  • Using special districts to create master-planned subdivisions  

Commercial Design Standards:

  • Landscape/buffer yards between dissimilar uses
  • Streamline codes and processing  
  • Create and adopt codes specific to Taylor

Parks and Recreation

  • More green in the City – more trees and shade provided
  • Public/Private partnerships – either to improve parks or build parks/recreation  
  • Water features other than pools

Transportation and Connectivity

  • Improve signage – crosswalks and speed limits
  • Create Connectivity Plan
  • Focus on pedestrian safety in downtown and other areas with increased pedestrian activity (pedestrian islands, lighting)


  • Define the corridors – FM973 and Chandler Road as well as US79/2nd Street
  • Trees, sidewalks, and other beautification measures including maintenance/code enforcement  
  • Create design standards along corridors (building design and landscaping)

Special District

  • Entertainment District
  • Public Art in Public Spaces
  • Define existing areas and promote improvements/redevelopment

     The next steps in the process will involve City staff developing a list of amendments and or additions to ordinances that will need to be completed over the next 18 months to two years using the information received. During that time frame, City staff will be conducting additional meetings with the public to solicit input as they work to build a comprehensive plan for how Taylor will look and feel going forward.

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